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1992 - 1994

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All The King's Things The Ultimate Elvis Memorabilia Book
Dispelling The Myths An Analysis Of American Attitudes And Prejudices
Elvis 1956 Reflections
Elvis A Guide To My Soul
Elvis And The Stars
Elvis For CD Fans Only The Elvis Presley U.S. Compact Disc Reference & Price Guide
Elvis Memories Press Between The Pages
Elvis Rising: Stories On The King
Elvis Sessions: The Recorded Music Of Elvis Aron Presley 1953-1977
Elvis Shrugged
Elvis Speaks From The Beyond
Elvis The Coloring Book From Tupelo To Fame
Elvis The Sun Years
Elvis, Jesus And Coca-Cola
Encore Performance II In The Garden
Guitar Signature Licks The Guitars Of Elvis
Jailhouse Rock The Bootleg Records Of Elvis Presley, 1970-1983
Presley Family History
Private Presley: The Missing Years
The Day Elvis Came To Town
The Elvis Files: Was His Death Faked?
The Elvis Sightings
The Girl Who Loved Elvis
The King Is Dead
The Life And Cuisine Of Elvis Presley
Unseen Elvis: Candids of The King