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1990 - 1992

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Comeback Tour The Sky Belongs To The Stars
Dead Elvis A Chronical of A Cultural Obsession
E Is For Elvis An Illustrated A-to-Z Illustrated Guide To The King Of Rock And Roll
Elvis '69 - The Return
Elvis Album
Elvis And Gladys
Elvis And Me
His Love For Gospel Music
Elvis Is Everywhere
Elvis Presley Is A Wormfeast The Book That Dares To Celebrate The Death Of Elvis
Elvis Presley The Rise Of Rock And Roll
Elvis The Last 24 Hours
Elvis The Sun Years
Elvis Top Secret The Untold Story Of Elvis Presley's Secret FBI Files
Elvis! The Last Word
Elvis, Golden Ride On The Mystery Train - Vol.2
I Am Elvis A Guide To Elvis Impersonators
More Hollywoods Unsolved From Elvis, Marilyn, Jean Harlow, Nick Adams And Beyond
Roadside Elvis The Complete State-By-State Travel Guide For Elvis Presley Fans
The Boy Who Would Be King An Intimate Portrait Of Elvis By His
The Day Elvis Came To Town
The Death Of Elvis What Really Happened
The Elvis Album
The Elvis Book IV The Candid Elvis
The Elvis Quiz Book
The Films And Career Of Elvis Presley
The Films Of Elvis Presley
The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley
Trader Wooly And The Ghost In The Colonels Jeep